It'sOk School Emotional Intelligence

The education of a student is never complete without equipping them with the tools, education and self awareness to become emotionally intelligent individuals. We help schools to create a mentally healthy environment through our online platform. When we are happier we are more productive and improve the lives of those around us. We make use of real data and student trends to help schools and parents make informed decisions about the mental well being in their classes and homes. Our peaceful world of tomorrow starts with our students of today. 

Let It'sOk help your school increase its emotional intelligence


"After we ran a very successful pilot in two of our schools in 2021. We made the decision to use the It'sOk App in all our Curro Digital Schools this year The App allows us to equip our learners with a clear understanding of what emotions are and how to navigate the emotions they have in the different stages of the life. With the challenges that social media place on our learners these days, they often experience high and also low emotional feelings. Understanding what this means and the range of emotions in between these two is often a challenge. It’sOk equips them with the insight and vocabulary to also experience the in between high and low emotions, which gives greater context to who “I am” and how to “survive”. Being able to express their feelings are critically important to the child and to us as schools Each learner decides who they want to be able to see what they have communicated. The staff member or parent, both or neither, if he/she just wants to “talk” about it without intervention. The App allows us to track possible issues that are playing out in a class, grade or whole school and we can then proactively respond accordingly, without having to wait for something bad to happen first. Proactive intervention allows for happier and more stable learners, which in return allows us as the school to build trust faster. Not being able to express how you feel or how people make you feel is one of the main reasons for teenage emotional issues. This App gives you the skill set and the vocabulary to own both."
Jopie Maasdam
Curro Digital - Operations Manager
"It'sOk is an innovative and unique approach to understanding and dealing with emotional intelligence. This tool is phenomenal and has provided Tomorrow Trust with the opportunity to really understand what our children are going through. This tool has helped us streamline and tailor-make our psychosocial support to address the needs of our learners. This tool has alerted us to red flags give ing us the opportunity to intervene on time. The platform has given our learners a voice on their emotions and useful tips on how to deal with how they feel and state of being. We are proud partners of this initiative and would highly recommend this platform to everyone dealing directly with children."
Taryn Rae
GM - Tomorrow Trust
% of our students find value in starting their day checking in with their emotions!
% of our students have stated that It'sOk has taught them that their emotions are important and can improve the quality of their lives!
% of our students state that It'sOK is a platform they feel comfortable expressing their emotions!
"It’sOk has a valuable contribution to make. The app is based on sound psychological principles that promote self-reflection and help develop emotional intelligence. It offers parents and their children another point of connection around what matters most: mental well being. I highly recommend this app."
Lisa Michalson
Child and adult psychologist