As humans we all have one thing in common, we are emotional beings. The sum total of our experience in this world is an emotional experience. Everything that we perceive as good and bad, everything that we believe makes us happy and sad takes place in our heads. The one place we can never escape is our own mind. Emotional intelligence is the most important skill that you can develop in your life, not only so that you allow your greatness that is within to shine but so that you can live your happiest life possible. When you have the ability to choose how you want to feel based on what happens internally opposed to what happens externally you are no longer reacting to life but you live as a conscious creator. That is why we exist as It’sOk. We exist to help you develop your emotional intelligence, we exist to help you express yourself better, we exist because mental health matters, we exist because you have the power to take control of how you feel and we want to show you how.

Our process

We believe in a holisitc, practical approach to emotional intelligence. We focus on what positive effects technology can have for us as both individuals and as a society. We focus on integrating emotional expression, communication, education, tools and data analytics to children, schools and parents. The world is changing second by second, as the world adapts so do we. We are constantly seeking the best solutions and methods in order to allow for emotional development. Our application focuses on integrating all the fundamental elements that allow for user engagement, user benefits and user enjoyment. Beyond ensuring a great user experience we have a deep focus on how we can use data analytics to not only improve child emotional development but also to improve and allow for further insight in to school trends, patterns and ultimately provide value by using technology to make a real life, positive impact. 

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For parents

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The team

Cody Gordon
Co-Founder & CEO

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Michael Dukes
Co-Founder & CTO