The importance of understanding our emotions

Why is it important to be able to understand your emotions and have the ability to manage them?

We are emotions. The sum total of our experience as human beings are based on our emotions. When something good happens to us we are happy, when something bad happens to us we are sad. These emotions that we feel determine the quality of our lives. The more ‘good’ emotions we feel the better our lives are.
The problem is that most of us believe that the emotions we feel are random and that we have no control over how we feel, meaning that something happens and then automatically a feeling is associated with that event. This means that we are constantly susceptible to our always changing environment.
True power in life comes from our ability to be able to manage our emotional state. Understanding what your emotions mean and having the ability to choose how you feel based on what is happening internally opposed to what happens externally puts you in the driver seat of your happiness and not the passenger seat. 

Awareness of your emotions is the key, start observing when you choose an emotion and when an emotion chooses you.

Author: Cody Gordon

Date: 09/09/20