Happiness is a choice

We all live in different circumstances, some worse than others and some better. 

But happiness, just like anything else worth having, is your own responsibility. 

The problem is that we are not taught this from a young age, we grow up believing that we need to have “the perfect job”, find “the perfect partner”, “make the most money”. 

Every conventional metric of happiness that we have grown up with places emphasis on the “outside”. 

We are looking at the world in reverse, we do not need to become “successful” first in order to become happy, happiness comes first and happiness is success. 

We need much less than we think we do in order to be happy. When you can sit back and smile at absolutely nothing is when you know you have won. 

Some great tips for increasing happiness: 

1️⃣ – Smile 
2️⃣ – Do good for others 
3️⃣ – Meditate 
4️⃣ – Exercise 
5️⃣ – Learn 
6️⃣ – Don’t care about other peoples opinions 
7️⃣ – Get some sun
8️⃣ – Spend time with positive people

Author: Cody Gordon

Date: 09/09/20