Press Releases

KDVP tackle mental health with It'sOk

King David Victory Park primary converge the importance of mental health and the dominance of the technological age to aid student well being.

IVA Global Online School adopts It'sOk

IVA Global, an innovative online school, make mental health a priority by adopting It'sOk into the students daily routines. It'sOk will allow IVA student's, parent's and school members to proactive in school wellbeing.

Impact of It'sOk on IVA Global students

IVA Global Online finds awesome data

It'sOk has now been implemented in the whole IVA Global School, from grade R - 12. The school is finding some awesome insights through It'sOk's emotional data insights. #HappySchool

In the News

eNCA Interview

eNCA, South Africa’s premiere news broadcaster, interviews It’sOk Co-Founder & CEO, Cody Gordon, on It’sOk’s state of the art technology and how it is making a difference in mental health and emotional intelligence within schools in South Africa.


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