Parent profile

As parent’s it is important that there is an understanding and relationship with your children that allows you to effectively communicate important emotional information with your children. However, children are not always comfortable directly expressing how they are feeling to their parents and often want a platform to express their emotions. It’sOk is that platform, in order to open up communication and ensure parents have a deeper understanding into how their children are feeling and why, we provide parents with insights into how their children are feeling to open up communication and ultimately build a stronger bond. 

Multiple child accounts

1 child? 2 children? 10 children?

All at different schools? 

No problem! Our parent profile allows you to create as many child accounts as you like, even if your children are at different schools, as long as your school is registered with It’sOk, your children have access to our app. 

Parent insights

Our parent insights are provided to parents in 2 different reports.


Report 1: Daily report

The daily report allows parents to identify emotional patterns that are forming within their children and identify what their child has been feeling on a particular day and why. Parents are therefore able to analyse real world events that their children are participating in and analyse their daily report to see if a pattern is forming. 


Report 2: Weekly report

The weekly report provides parents with a weekly overview of the emotions their child has been feeling. Beyond this we also allow parents to see why their child has been feeling these emotions. This allows parents to see if they need to open up a conversation and check in with their children.