School profile

Our school profile adds value to the school in many ways. We focus on providing the school with multiple data analytic tools to track student emotions over various combinations as well as have access to a communication platform to receive messages from in need students, as well as respond and assist in need students when neccessary. 

School data analytics

Track your school’s emotions using multiple data analytic tools! Our tools allow you as the school to understand the overall emotion levels of your school, grade and even each class! Not only do we provide you with the emotions your student’s are feeling we let you know WHY they are feeling their emotions. This allows you as the school to make informed decisions based on real student data and take a proactive approach to your school’s mental health! 


Filter your schools data by the:

  1. Day
  2. Week
  3. Month
  4. Year
  5. School
  6. Grade
  7. Class
  8. Emotion 


Not enough? Our school data updates instantly meaning no delays in understanding how your school is feeling! 

Communicate with your students

Our communication platform is available to the school social worker/psychologist or any staff member the students feel comfortable reaching out to! This means that your students have access to communicate with someone whenever they are in emotional distress! Not only can students reach out but important emotional information is also made available to the school to more effectively help each student. 

Deeper understanding

All this data collection is amazing! But we don’t stop there! We go beyond the numbers and we help schools identify exactly WHY their students are experiencing these emotions. 

This is extremely important as it allows the school to zone in on a particular grade or class and exactly what problems are existing in the class and how much they are contributing to the overall emotions in the school. From here the class can implement the necessary programs or interventions.