Student profile

Our student profile focuses on providing students with a platform to increase their emotional intelligence. We do this by providing students with a profile that allows them to express how they are feeling, why they are feeling their current emotion, receive emotional tips specific to the emotion they are feeling as well as have access to tools to assist them with their emotions. Students also have access to post journey tools focusing on increasing self-awareness and empathy within the class.

Student expression and flow

The student flow has been designed in a specific way to ensure students receive great value each time. Students open up their app each time with a theme of the week that sets a goal for each week as well as a practical example for that theme. Students then proceed to choose between the 6 core emotions displayed on the app, each emotion also displays a spectrum which adds further emotion recognition education. Students then receive a whole range of options to choose why they are feeling that particular emotion.

Tips and tools

Each emotion that a student is feeling is accompanied by tips to assist them with that particular emotion. The tips students receive are based on acknowledgement of their current emotion, how to manage that particular emotion and ultimately how to use that emotion positively. 

Student tools range from mindful techniques to a communication platform. Our mindful techniques involve guided breathing exercises and the student communication platform allows each student to reach out to someone at the school, either a school social worker/psychologist, school teacher or whoever the school chooses. Students therefore always have a platform to go to when they are feeling overwhelmed or just want some relief to receive some assistance.  

Post journey - Self awareness

The post journey of the student is aimed at increasing the student’s self-awareness. How do we do that?


  1. Student data analysis
  2. Emotions diary/journal
  3. Class empathy tool 


All of these tools are designed in order to allow the student to see their progress and have a track record/history of the emotions they have been feeling. Students are able to, through this process, not only analyze what emotions they have been feeling but also why and when and therefore learn mre about who they are and increase their EQ.